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We continue 100 years of Unitarianism
in Jacksonville -- 46 years as UUCJ in our present beautiful setting.
The Unitarian Universalist Church of Jacksonville (UUCJ) is a religious and spiritual community celebrating Unitarian Universalist principles. We commit to caring for one another with acceptance
and respect. We pledge to sustain a sacred space where together we seek religious freedom, personal growth, life's meaning, and social justice. Through our actions, we serve as a catalyst for social change.
As Universalists we seek truth and meaning in life and believe that
everyone will find peace in death. We think that each religion has
part of the truth, and that no religion has all the truth.

As Unitarians we believe that life is an evolving, creative unity,
and that respect for science and knowledge complements true religion.
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May 30:   (Two Services 9:00AM & 11:00AM)
Rev. Gary M. Gallun -- “War - What Is It Good For?”
As we remember those who paid the ultimate price on Memorial Day next week, we may need to look again at the necessity of war and the possibility of peace.
  • June 6:   (One Service 11:00AM Only)
Meredith Garmon, PhD -- “Consecration Sunday”
“con•se•cra•tion” - noun - a solemn commitment of your life or your time to some cherished purpose (to a service or a goal) How can you nurture your spirit and help heal the our world? What concrete expression of your faith and commitment to this congregation and  Unitarian Universalism can you make?
Plan to stay for the Consecration Sunday catered luncheon which will follow the service.
  • June 13:   One Service (11:00am Only)
Rev. Gary Gallun -- “Who Owns The Farm?”
Native Americans didn't believe that anyone could “own” the land but were subsequently “thrown off” the land by the settlers who believed that they could. Today the Earth's mineral resources, its waters and air, as well as the land, have succumbed to owner-ship. The Native American concept of stewardship, rather than ownership, might be something we should re-examine.
This is Rev. Gallun's final
service as our Interim Minister.
Plan to join us in bidding him a fond
farewell as he prepares to travel to
his next Interim Ministry.
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We are happy to report that, by overwhelming majority of member votes, UUCJ has called Reverend Ronald A. Hersom as our new Minister. Please join us in welcoming Rev. Hersom -- his first official day in the pulpit will be August 15, 2010.
Anderson-Tarleton jazz duo
Jason Anderson piano & trumpet
Sean Tarleton, bass

Also: "Ashokan Farewell"
with Jeremy Lucas, narrator
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Thank you for looking in to UUCJ -- please join us this Sunday.
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UUCJ is an accredited Green Sanctuary.
Together we can make a world with
reverence, gratitude, and care for the
living Earth that is central to our lives. 

UUCJ has an active Partner Church
Program with the Unitarian Church in
Bozod Hungary.

Our Program of Religious Growth and Learning provides a free nursery during each Sunday service and Religious Exporation classes for children and youth. For details, contact Kelly Harris Kurth, our Director of Religious Education, at 725-8133 or email her at [email protected].