DHTML Menu By Milonic JavaScript
Selected Page Highlight Problem -- Test Page

I'm a javascript novice and new to Milonic code, so I may have missed the obvious. However, it's gone well up to highlighting the selected page link, which I just can't make work. Please advise if the following approach is not the best for my situation. 

I'm using the "mmItemActivateByText" function to highlight each level one link for its selected page link.

For your convenience, here's the menu_data.js code as a txt file
All code files were recently acquired from the Milonic site.

BTW:  The site is hosted by Homestead and developed with the SiteBuilder application. This works for my organisation because of relatively frequent handover of site maintenance. However, in the Head, id="element1" is placed by the Homestead SiteBuilder application and seems to relate to no named element. I also can't remove it for testing, so I hope that's not the problem.

This page is intended to highlight the selected page based on

Thank you for your help.

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