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WELCOME to our diverse and dynamic community. We come from many different backgrounds and embrace a variety of spiritual beliefs and practices. We share ideas and lives that celebrate life and defend individual freedom. We base our shared religion upon being loving and doing justice. We are Unitarians; so, we believe that life is an evolving, creative unity, and we believe that science and knowledge complement true religion. We are Universalists; so, we believe that everyone is blessed in life, and that everyone will find peace in death. We think that each religion has part of the truth, and that no religion has all of the truth.

The first natural step in exploring membership is to attend several Sunday services. Sermon topics reach far and embrace much. We celebrate many holidays, use global wisdom from the most ancient to the most modern, and vary our service formats. Church members participate actively in the creation and celebration of our services, outside speakers join us periodically, and discussion is a regular part of our services. Music is important to us, and a 15 minute mini-concert precedes our 11 a.m. service. Children and youth are welcome to the mini-concert and stay for the early minutes of the service before proceeding to their religious education classes. After the service, be sure you also go downstairs to the Social Hall to enjoy conversation and refreshments. We look forward to getting acquainted! If you wish, feel free to attend one or more of our social events, continuing groups, or adult education opportunities, during your weeks of visiting us. By signing our Visitor Book you will receive our biweekly newsletter that will keep you apprised of our many Church activities.

The second natural step in exploring membership is to attend an "Orientation for New People," held each month on the 2nd Sunday, from 12:30-1:15, which is led by the Membership Committee and the Minister. You�ll see a brief video about our association of independent Unitarian Universalist congregations, the Unitarian Universalist Association [UUA], hear a bit about our denomination�s and congregation�s history and our basic principles and traditions.

For individuals and families considering membership, the UUCJ Membership Handbook serves as a useful guide to our history, spirituality, governance, and the many social events, interest groups, and UU activities and resources this church has to offer. It will also serve as a valuable resource to new members in fully enjoying and becoming integrated into our church community. 

Come and Learn More About UUCJ
Starting Wednesday, January 29
7 p.m.

Dave Johnson, long-time UU has developed an interesting, informative introduction to UUCJ and "UUism."  If you are a new member or are thinking about joining, this is the class for you! Get to know each other, share your spiritual journeys, explore the UU values, theology, beliefs, ministry, spirituality, tradition, and history. Our two ministers will present their visions of professional ministry, and explore with the group how members minister to one another.  Download and fill out out the registration form (see below) and bring it to the office or leave it with one of the greeters on Sunday. 

Click here to download the NewUU Form.



What will you receive by joining the Unitarian Universalist Church of Jacksonville [UUCJ]? We have found our spiritual home here. It is a religious and ethical center for our lives. We regularly receive intellectual stimulation and religious inspiration, ethical challenges and exciting ideological debate among our UU colleagues. We have found friends and soul mates here. We can be honest here, find loving support here, give our best here, and discover what our lives are all about here. If you join us, and give us your best, you can expect to find important elements here of what you have been looking for all your lives.

Membership in our congregation is made by the simple act of signing the Membership Book. When you are ready, you sign an Intent to Join form. There is a brief signing ceremony after the Service, on the third Sunday of each month. What does membership mean in our congregation?

What Does Membership Mean?

First: That you feel at home among us and believe that our church is a good place for you to grow spiritually and ethically. That it can become one of your chosen places to nurture your best self and to help to create a healthier community and a better world. That our church�s Spoken Affirmation and Mission Statement and the UUA�s Principles and Purposes [all of which are found on each Sunday�s Order of Service] reflect your beliefs and are comfortable affirmations for you.

Second: That you will endeavor to participate as regularly and fully as your life allows.

Third: That you will commit yourself on an annual basis to sharing your time, skills, and attention to our community, enthusiastically giving service among us, beyond simply meeting your personal needs within our community.

Fourth: That you will commit yourself on an annual basis to a generous financial contribution, knowing that this religious community depends upon the predictable generosity of its members.

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