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Your Financial Support is Important

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Jacksonville is a financially autonomous church. This means that we raise our own funds and prepare a budget each year that allocates how much will be spent for each church activity. The budget is reviewed, modified and adopted by the congregation during the church's annual meeting. Since we have minimal endowment or outside financial support, all of us contribute to the expense of running the church. We expect of each other a reasonable level of financial giving. We do not set fixed amounts for individual or family giving. The By-laws of the church, however, establish requirements for maintaining "active voting membership" in order to participate in church business meetings. Upon request, the Minister or President of the Congregation can grant voting status to a person with hardship circumstances.

Some guidelines for you to consider when deciding your annual pledge to the church are as follows:

Studies show that most religious fundamentalists donate 10% of their annual income to their church. A majority of the traditional Protestant sects give anywhere from 6% to 10%. The average Presbyterian, Disciple of Christ and Jew give 4% of their income.

As persons of conscience and action, we know that Unitarian Universalists give often to many causes. Depending on your personal circumstances, we feel that a gift of 2% to 4% provides a reasonable guideline for your pledge. Those who give more than 4% annually consider their church and liberal religion to be an utmost priority for them and to society.

Pledging enables the finance committee to establish budgets responsibly, just as you set priorities based on personal resources. Your pledge to your church is a moral contract. By willingly pledging and by being prompt in payment, you help your church to remain strong.

Your decision about what to pledge is intimately connected with your values--those intangible qualities that enhance mental and spiritual growth and, ultimately, the quality of our lives. In pledging and contributing, as with so many aspects of your church, you are not buying a

package complete and wrapped with ribbon. You are actively supporting the ongoing flow of ideas, inspiration for living and the special place in which to keep this alive. A truly free church is one of the most unique and precious institutions in a community and in the world. Join us in keeping our church a vital force in Jacksonville.

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