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20�s & 30�s

This group brings young adults in their 20�s and 30�s together to participate in both fun social events and beneficial social action activities.

40�s +

This group plans and carry out a wide variety of programs and activities appealing to the 40�s + crowd. Activities include group travel; attendance at cultural events; a bridge group; a hiking / birding group; photography and book clubs.

Zip Code Clusters

Church members have formed geographic clusters by zip code to better connect with their UUCJ neighbors. Cluster gatherings foster fellowship and address caring needs of those UU�s located in close proximity to each other. Clusters will also be used to as a forum to address important Church issues in small group settings.

UUCJ Women

The focus of this group is to offer an open and welcoming opportunity for the women of this church to join together in a variety of activities. The activities are intended to include women of all generations and provide an informal networking system of support, sharing and companionship. The group meets monthly facilitated by one member volunteer who organizes a cultural, creative, inspirational, or just plain fun event for the UUCJ Women to enjoy together.


Founded in 1989, First Coast Covenant of Universalist Pagans, or FCCUUP, meets eight times a year at the UU Church of Jacksonville for celebrations and potluck dinners. Our celebrations draw from a wide range of Earth-centered, Neo-Pagan, and indigenous religious traditions, as well as UU spirituality. All FCCUUP events are open to everyone, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, ability or spiritual path. All that is needed is an open mind, and a respect for the viewpoints of others.

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