Our Minister
Reverend Dr. John L. Young
John is married to Kathleen Moran who retired from a writing career in 2005. He has two grown children, Rahul and Leela.

His office hours at church are every Tuesday through Friday between 10 am and 12 noon. He can be reached there by phone at 904-725-8133. It's best to call before coming by in case he is meeting with someone during those hours. However, he is always available to meet with you at your convenience either at the office or another suitable location.
When not at church, he can be reached at his home office number
904-762-2325 or send him an email at [email protected].

Read from Dr. Young's recent sermons . . . .
John grew up in Kansas, did graduate work in political science, and has been an activist for social change since his youth. He received his doctorate in Ministry from Meadville/Lombard UU Seminary at the University of Chicago in 1970 and was awarded a Merrill Fellowship at Harvard University while serving in Paramus, N.J.. John served five UU congregations during his 35+ years of ministry before coming to Jacksonville in 1999 -- including Chicago, New York City, Bloomington, Indiana, Paramus, New Jersey, and Sacramento, California.
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