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The primary quest of most human lives may be the quest for friendship, We are all looking for something--shyly or confidently, carefully or even sometimes desperately--seeking the satisfactions of life. Of course, we all want a full belly and a satisfied palate, regular rest and a firm sense of security, sexual and emotional release, and sensual satisfaction. However, these necessities do not seem to mean much for most of us except in a context of what we ourselves decide is genuine friendship. We seek companions on life's journey. We want to be with people who understand us and listen to us, people who like us and want to be with us. We seek to nurture and to be nurtured. We wish to have friends with whom we can he honest and intimate, that is, people with whom we can be ourselves without embarrassment and, in fact, with pleasure and joy.

Modern life does not make friendship easy. Modern life puts great emphasis (in psychological self-sufficiency. It tends to turn all connections into transactions, into capitalistic adventures with competing adversaries. We are free: free to choose our friends, to select or reject our communities. We are no longer bound bv family or clan. region or land.

We are not committed to a certain company for our working lives. and, increasingly in practice, we are no longer committed to a certain spouse for our loving lives. Our children, we are often persuaded. are best off in the company of their peers or in the hands of the experts, So even the parenting bond is being stretched and often broken. Most modern peoples' sense of self worth is highlv dependent on their money income

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