2007 Sermons
Scientists and Religion  (5/27)
Scientists on Altruism  (5/13)
Einstein and Religion  (5/6)
Earth Day - Toward Sustainable Lives (4/29)
Overcoming Racism in Jacksonville  (4/15)
Words to the Children on Racism
Jesus, Alive and Well or Evaporated?  (4/8 - Chapel Service)
Shed the Shell & Share the Juice  (4/8 - Beach Service)
Chosen for What?  (4/7)
Tipping Points  (3/11)
21st Century Humanism  (3/4)
Paying It Forward  (2/11)
Your Circumstances and UUCJ
Relationship Preservation (2/4)
Thich Nhat Han's True Love  (1/28)
Victims, Dependence, & Empowerment  (1/21)
Corporate Person & Corporate Responsibility  (1/14)
Rapid Cognition (1/07)

2006 Sermons
A Jacksonville Christmas Carol (12/24)
Thinking Differently (12/10)
Life is Fragile
Jesus and His Christian Lost Sheep (12/03)
Experiencing Scripture  (11/12)
Facing America's Problems  (11/5)
Citizenship as Spiritual Practice
Schindler, Gandhi & MacArthur (10/28)
Guest Speaker:  Neal Stannard
Kwan Yin, Buddhist Goddess of Mercy (10/22)
Autumn Celebration with Joyful Singers (10/15)
The 7th Principle: Rising Up Where We Least Expect It (10/08)
Guest Speaker:  Munsell McPhillips
UUs on Ethics and Action (10/1)
Forgiveness as a Humanist Discipline
Anniversaries Service (9/24)
Children in a Humanist Tradition
Jesus and Prophets (9/17)
Living with Trust & Our Practical Spirituality is What We Do
UUs on Reality and God (9/10)
Facing Failure in 9/11 & Finding a Model of Reality
Excess Is Not Success (9/3)
Violence is a Bad Habit & Considering Labor on Labor Day
Habits (8/27)
We Are What We Eat & Even Billy Graham Evolves
Lying and Honesty (8/20)
Responding to Trauma
Francis of Assisi (8/13)
Living a Humanist Life & A UU Prayer
Finding and Nurturing a Spiritual Home (6/4)
Altruism (6/18)
Habits of the Heart  (5/28)
Parenting is a Vocation but not a Career (5/14)
Growing up Spiritually (5/21)
DeTocqueville and American Democracy Today (5/7)
In Praise of Slowness (4/30)
Choices and Commitments (4/23)
Economic Justice (3/26)
Stages and Models of Civic Activism (3/12)
Misquoting Jesus (3/5)
Dialogue with Charles McGee (2/19)
What's Love Got to do With It? (2/12)
Myths of a Free Religion (2/5)
Integrating Hindu Elements into UU (1/22)
A Meditation on Shared Values & Ethical Practices (1/15)
The Almost Church (1/29)
100 Years of Unitarianism in Jacksonville (1/08)

Below is a selection of Reverend John Young's sermons. Also, included with some services are 'Weekly Thoughts' about practical spirituality and living a humanist life.  Please feel free to download and read them at your leisure or share them with others. The list is updated as documents become available. We also try to include sermons by guest speakers if they are made available to us.
Unitarian Universalist Church of Jacksonville