~~  Sunday Morning Schedule  ~~ 

  9:30Spiritual, Religious, and Biblical Studies
  9:30Playing with Ideas
10:15Morning Meditation in the Meditation Room
10:45Nursery Opens
10:45Musical Celebration in the Chapel as prelude to the Service
11:00Service begins -- Message to the Children, and children leave for classes
12:15After the Service, Coffee and conversation in the Social Hall, lower level

~~  Musical Celebration Performances  ~~

Where can you attend a free concert with some of Jacksonville's best performers?
At UUCJ every week -- Sundays 10:45 and during the Service.

APR 26:  Sean Forrest, guitar
May 3: Lauren Franklin, cello
                      Bach: Third Suite
May 10: Kimberly Beasley, soprano; Shawn Hanlon, French horn;
           Jeanne Huebner, piano
                      Schubert: Auf dem Strom

~~  Sunday Services  ~~

       (Dr. Young will be at O'Leno UUCJ week-end: Learn Nature’s Nurtures)
GUEST SPEAKER: Gretchen Ferrell

May 3:  Creations of Beauty
UUs often talk about the realms of truth or reason and goodness or ethics, but we generally give less sermonic attention to beauty or the aesthetic dimension. This sermon shares my perspective on aesthetics or beauty and fits with our second Plein Air Art Festivalorganized by our Art Committee.
SPEAKER: Dr. John Young

MAY 10:  Challenges and opportunities for the UUA & UUCJ [Mother’s Day recognition]
As I near departure from my ministry with UUCJ and full-time ministry with the UUA, this will be my sermonic summary of challenges and opportunities that I foresee in our congregation’s and denomination’s futures. SPEAKER: Dr. John Young

~~  Spiritual Discussions and Studies  ~~

Spiritual Studies Group
Continuing their examination of Existentialism, the Spiritual Studies group meets at 9:30 a.m. in the Fletcher Room.  Come and participate in this lively discussion.

Playing With Ideas
Adult discussion regarding current events (Anthony Room). 
Contact Tom Bowen for more details.

~~  Religious Growth & Learning for Children and Youth  ~~

Our Jewish and Christian Heritage. Children in classes for PreK-12th grade go directly to their classes as early as 10:45am and proceed to the chapel as a class. Parents of children ages three years to 5th grade are responsible for signing their children IN and OUT of class. Classes will end at 12:15PM. Nursery care available for children to three years old beginning at 10:45am. Earlier by arrangement. For more information or to register your child, please contact Kelly Harris Kurth, Director of Religious Education, 725-8133 or  [email protected].
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