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Membership at UUCJ

Any person in sympathy with the purposes of this Church and willing to undertake the appropriate responsibilities of membership may become a member. Our purposes are summarized by our congregation’s spoken affirmation, mission, vision, goals, and congregational covenant, and by the principles and traditions of the Unitarian Universalist Association. The appropriate responsibilities of membership include:

  • Being at least 15 years old [or, for high school youth: completing our Affirmation, coming-of-age, Program],
  • Periodic attendance at services, social and community events and congregational meetings;
  • Volunteer service to the church; and
  • The contribution of an annual pledge of at least $250 per person. [Members are urged to pledge and pay 2.5% or more of their annual income.]

Get to Know Us

The first natural step in exploring membership is to attend several Sunday services. Sermon topics reach far and embrace much. We celebrate many holidays, use global wisdom from the most ancient to the most modern, and vary our service formats. Church members participate actively in the creation and celebration of our services, outside speakers join us periodically, and discussion is a regular part of our services. Music is important to us, and a 15-minute mini-concert precedes our 11 a.m. service. Children and youth are welcome to the mini-concert and stay for the early minutes of the service before proceeding to their religious education classes. After the service, be sure you also go downstairs to the Social Hall to enjoy conversation and refreshments. We look forward to getting acquainted! If you wish, feel free to attend one or more of our social events, continuing groups, or adult education opportunities, during your weeks of visiting us. By signing our Visitor Book you will receive our biweekly newsletter that will keep you apprised of our many Church activities.


Explore Membership

The second natural step in exploring membership is to attend an "Orientation for New People," held each month on the second Sunday, from 12:30-1:15, which is led by the Membership Committee and the Minister. You’ll see a brief video about our association of independent Unitarian Universalist congregations, the Unitarian Universalist Association [UUA], hear a bit about our denomination’s and congregation’s history and our basic principles and traditions.

For individuals and families considering membership, the UUCJ Membership Handbook serves as a useful guide to our history, spirituality, governance, and the many social events, interest groups, and UU activities and resources this church has to offer. It will also serve as a valuable resource to new members in fully enjoying and becoming integrated into our church community.


We are an intentionally diverse religious community, welcoming people from different races, religious backgrounds, ideological outlooks, genders, family statuses, sexual preferences, and ethnic heritages.

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