As Universalists we believe
that everyone is blessed in life, and everyone will find peace in death. We think that each religion has part of the truth, and that no religion has all the truth.

As Unitarians we believe that life is an evolving, creative unity, and that respect for science and knowledge complements true religion.
A Month of Sunday Themes

11/04   Embracing Jesus and the Bible
Reverend Dr. John Young

11/11   Why Societies Fail or Succeed
Reverend Dr. John Young

11/18   Family Thanksgiving Festival Service
Humanists of Florida Guest Speaker
Jennifer Hancock 

11/25   Becoming Hate Free
Guest Speaker Mark Vickers

12/02   Effective Arms Control: Nuclear & Personal
Reverend Dr. John Young

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This page last updated November 16, 2007
We continue 100 years of
Unitarianism in Jacksonville, 42 years
as UUCJ in our present beautiful setting.

A Visitor's Tour of this site is also available as a brief introduction to UUCJ and our history in Jacksonville.

Wikipedia entry: Unitarian Universalism

View a Video Clip on Unitarianism as a good choice for questioning Christians. From CNN series "What is a Christian?"

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A Musical Celebration each Sunday morning at 10:45 is specially arranged by Music Director Henson Markham.

Services begin 11:00. Reverend Dr. John Young  
speaks the first three Sundays of each month.  
A guest speaker is invited on each 4th Sunday.
The Unitarian Universalist Church of Jacksonville (UUCJ)
is a diverse and dynamic community embracing a variety of spiritual beliefs and practices and defending individual freedoms.
We base our shared religion upon being loving and doing justice.
Old UUCJ Calendar for Reference
The old calendar is available through the button below with archived content until possibly mid November. Bear in mind that the archived calendar was  up to date as of October 24, 2007, but does not contain new calendar entries beyond that date.
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