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Sermons  associated with one's personal journey toward  greater spiritual insight.

Limits of Modernism  (10-28-07)

Our Shared Spiritual Paths  (8/12/07)

Finding and Nurturing a Spiritual Home (6/4/06)

Growing up Spiritually (5/21/06)

Social Action

Our congregational covenant, which we recite in unison at the end of every service, contains the phrase "service is our prayer." Sermons in this category demonstrate how to put the concept of service into action for social change.

Arms Control, Nuclear and Personal  (12-2-07)

Why Societies Fail or Succeed (11-11-07)

Neo-Con's Impoverishment of America's Majority (9/2/07)

Making a Difference (8/26/07)

Overcoming Racism in Jacksonville  (4/15/07)

Earth Day - Toward Sustainable Lives (4/29/07)

Tipping Points  (3/11/07)

Paying It Forward  (2/11/07)

Victims, Dependence, & Empowerment  (1/21/07)

Facing America's Problems  (11/5/06)

Altruism (6/18/06)

DeTocqueville and American Democracy Today (5/7/06)

Economic Justice (3/26/06)

Stages and Models of Civic Activism (3/12/06)

Personal Growth

We all desire to be good and do good in the world, but sometimes personal habits and elements in our daily lives prevent us from being all that we can be and reaching out to help others. In this category are sermons to help you overcome these limitations.

Ecstatic Liberalism  (12/09/07)

Relationship Preservation (2/4/07)

Rapid Cognition (1/1/07)

Thinking Differently (12/10/06)

Excess Is Not Success (9/3/06)

Habits (8/27/06)

Lying and Honesty (8/20/06)

Habits of the Heart  (5/28/06)

Parenting is a Vocation but not a Career (5/14/06)

In Praise of Slowness (4/30/06)

Choices and Commitments (4/23/06)


Unitarian Universalism is strongly based on the belief that each person has significant control over his or her own destiny, and that we can discover the wonders of this world by direct experiences and with the help of modern science.

Scientists and Religion  (5/27/07)

Scientists on Altruism  (5/13/07)

Einstein and Religion  (5/6/07)

21st Century Humanism  (3/4/07)

Spiritual Practices & World Religions

No one religion can answer all the questions that arise when searching for religious knowledge. Addressed in these sermons are some of the practices various world religions have embraced in their unique spiritual journeys throughout the ages, as well as examples of how Unitarian Universalism integrates them into its spiritual practices.

Embracing Jesus and the Bible (11-04-07)

Chosen for What? (4/1/07)

Jesus, Alive and Well or Evaporated?  (4/8/07 - Chapel Service)

Thich Nhat Han's True Love (1/28/07)

Jesus and His Christian Lost Sheep (12/03/06)

Experiencing Scripture  (11/12/06)

Kwan Yin, Buddhist Goddess of Mercy (10/22/06)

Schindler, Gandhi & MacArthur (10/28/06)  Guest Speaker:  Neal Stannard

Jesus and Prophets (9/17/06)

Francis of Assisi (8/13/06)

Misquoting Jesus (3/5/06)

Integrating Hindu Elements into UU (1/22/06)

Unitarian Universalism

The Unitarian Universalist denomination has existed since the 16th Century and continues to provide a spiritual home for those who desire to "grow together in peace and seek knowledge in freedom." Sermons in this category may help to answer some of the questions you may have about the UU denomination and some of its practices.

What We Stand For (8/19/07)

The 7th Principle: Rising Up Where We Least Expect It (10/08/06)
Guest Speaker:  Munsell McPhillips

UUs on Ethics and Action (10/1/06)

UUs on Reality and God (9/10/06)

Myths of a Free Religion (2/5/06)

The Almost Church (1/29/06)

100 Years of Unitarianism in Jacksonville (1/08/06)

Holidays & Special Occasions

Unitarians pull from all religions and routinely observe many of the celebrations you find in other religions, as well as honoring our universal human life-cycle experiences.

Shed the Shell & Share the Juice  (4/8/07 - Beach Service)

A Jacksonville Christmas Carol (12/24/06)

Autumn Celebration with Joyful Singers (10/15/06)

Anniversaries Service (9/24/06)

Dialogue with Charles McGee (2/19/06)

What's Love Got to do With It? (2/12/06)
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