The Board

The Board plans for and administers the resources and facilities needed to fulfill the purposes of the Church. It sets policy and acts in the name of the Church between Congregational meetings. The Board has final jurisdiction over all activities of all committees and offices of the church, and authorizes all committees needed for carrying out its responsibilities and specifies their duties. The UUCJ Board consists of a: President, President-elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Building and Grounds Chair, Community Outreach Chair, Finance Chair, Membership Chair, Religious Education Chair,and two Members-at-Large.

Our Congregation

We govern ourselves democratically. We elect our Minister, Officers, and Board, which makes our policies and support our programs, volunteers, and staff between congregational meetings. Congregational meetings are usually held directly after Sunday services several times each year. They also may be called, with at least ten days notice to the congregation, to respond to special concerns. Our by-laws presently mandate three annual meetings: one in December to choose the Nominating Committee for elected offices, one in March to consider a preliminary budget and to elect Officers and Board members, and one in June to hear annual reports and to vote upon a final budget for the coming financial year, which is from July through June. All members may vote, serve on committees, and hold elected offices.
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Our Governance
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