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Member Testimonials

  Why am I a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Jacksonville?

  Some of our members share their reasons.
  • The Unitarian Universalist Church of Jacksonville gives me a home for my spiritual search and nourishment for my soul. It has also allowed me the support to follow my passions for peace and social justice. It has been my anchor of stability when I needed comfort and acceptance.

  • Some faiths take pride in always being the same. Participating more than 40 years with the caring people at UUCJ, I find it makes more sense to grow and change as our knowledge of what is good and true grows and changes.

  • The music! I love the variety of music from many historic periods and styles and the skills of the many musicians who grace our chapel.

  • It is wonderful to have a place to go on Sunday where I can be with interesting people who share the same passions and beliefs as I have. As a Pagan, UUCJ is the only place I can go where my spirituality is accepted, understood and not misrepresented. I look forward to each Sunday visit.

  • We came to find a place where religion is not devoid of intellectualism, where people are encouraged to think and explore, where there is value in the fact that many paths can lead to the same truth. We joined because we think we have found that for ourselves in discussion groups, and for the hope that our children will find the same when they are old enough and ready to do so. Plus... our pastor is cool!

  • I guess I started my spiritual journey when I was born, but I just didn't know about it. Then, not too long ago, faith and knowledge started opening to me, and conquered my  consciousness. And now, here I am, a Unitarian Universalist; thanks to God.
  • As responsible tenants of the earth, our family joined UUCJ to commune with like-minded people who are not only able, but willing to change the world for the better.

  • As a person of faith who doesn't believe in Jesus, I find the sermons on different faiths fascinating!  I also enjoy meeting other people of different beliefs.  Our church has such a diverse mix of people and cultures, that it is a wonderful place to attend.  And no other church in Jacksonville has a music program as rich in culture as ours!

  • I came to this church long ago as a newly divorced woman with a new job in a new state. Members took me under their wing and gave me the encouragement and support I needed to build a good life.  They still do.

  • I’m here because I believe in the saying
    “Harm none, and do as thy will!”

  • We came to UUCJ because we were interested in exploring our spirituality in an environment that made it safe to do that.  We stuck around because our exploration has taken us on a fantastic adventure- one of friendship, fulfillment, and a faith in love.”

  • As a couple who are very concerned about the environment, we have found UUCJ to be very active in environmental issues and social outreach. We applaud the goal of seeking to make our church a "Green Sanctuary,” and look forward to working towards that goal.

  • I always have come home again.  My  40 plus years of Unitarian Universalism have been interrupted by geography, employment or obligations but I return to its comfort and support with joy.

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